Nutritional must dos

Our recommended daily ‘must dos’ to maximise your hair’s growing potential and keep it in the best condition possible.

  1. Eat breakfast daily

    Your energy levels are at their lowest in the mornings, so eating a breakfast rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates will give your hair the energy it needs for growth and repair. My favourite breakfast at the moment is poached eggs on top of sourdough with roasted tomatoes and smashed avocado.

  2. Aim to eat 5-8 different types of vegetables and fruit each day

    It is important to have a varied range to ensure your body and hair is getting lots of different vitamins and minerals. If you currently eat none or very little a day, try to add 1 extra to your day to start with!

  3. Plenty of Iron & vitamin C

    Iron is an essential mineral for healthy hair growth. Having low Iron can lead to hair shedding. Vitamin C is important to aid absorption of Iron. Red meats are the best source of Iron, however if you are vegetarian/vegan it can be hard to get the correct amount of Iron due to it being harder to absorb from vegetables. Taking a supplement can help with this. My favourite way of achieving this is by having red meat (steak or minced beef) at least once a week and drinking fresh orange juice each day.

  4. Drink plenty of water

    Not only will this keep your body hydrated,it will also keep your hair hydrated.

  5. Avoid processed foods

    Foods that have been processed can be high in sugar, salt and other additives. They usually don’t contain all the good stuff we need for healthy hair.

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