Online Hair and Scalp Consultation

With regular lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions, we are offering our Hair and Scalp consultation online. This now means you don’t have to wait for an appointment in person to be able to find a solution for your hair and scalp concerns.

What happens during an online hair & scalp consultation?

The online consultation is held over zoom and lasts between 30-60 minutes. 

During the consultation, your Hair and Scalp Specialist will ask various questions including information about your medical history, family history, nutrition, lifestyle, medications and hair care practices.

Once all information is gathered, you will be given a treatment plan and advice on how to manage your condition. This could include:

  • A referral to your GP for further testing such as blood tests
  • Recommendation to visit a Dermatologist
  • Advice on home care products to use
  • Advice on diet, supplements and lifestyle changes
  • Recommendation for other specialists such as Trichologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, hair replacement therapy etc…

You will receive an email within 3 days containing our ‘SIBERINI hair guide’ and detailed information of your treatment plan.

If you would like to purchase the recommended products we can arrange for collection from the salon or delivery to you.

A 15 minute follow up call is recommended between 3-6 months after consultation.

How much does it cost?

The Online Consultation with a 15miniute follow up call costs £30.

Home care products start from £15.

What is a Hair and Scalp Specialist?

A Hair and Scalp Specialist is someone who has studied diseases or problems relating to the hair and scalp. They can help with certain conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, hair thinning, telogen effluvium, male and female pattern hair loss plus more. 

To find out more about SIBERINIS Hair and Scalp Specialist click here.

Why should I have an Online Hair and Scalp Consultation?

If you are struggling with hair loss, hair thinning or a problematic scalp, a consultation is a great way to discuss any worries you have and for a personalised treatment plan to be created for you.

Click here to book an Online Hair and Scalp Consultation.

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