Whats happens to my hair during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can affect your hair in many different ways. Many women comment on how much thicker and healthier their hair feels; however, there are also women who say their hair is more problematic than usual. There is no way to determine how your hair is going to feel during pregnancy. If you do experience any issues it is very unlikely this will last for the whole 9 months. Usually, the last 3 months are the best for your hair.

Why does my hair feel thicker during pregnancy?

During this period raised oestrogen levels to keep your hair in the anagen phase (the growing phase) for longer than usual which means less hair is shed, making your hair appear thicker.

Why does my hair feel dryer than usual?

During pregnancy oestrogen levels increase and reduces the level of androgens which causes your hair follicles to produce less sebum. Having less sebum on your scalp can make your hair feel dryer so you may need to add moisture back into your hair through conditioning treatments.

What happens to my hair after the baby is born?

Due to oestrogen levels dropping back to normal you may experience postpartum hair loss. This is only temporarily shedding of the hair. Once oestrogen levels are back to normal your hair will go back to it’s usual growing cycle again. If you are breastfeeding this can slow down how quickly your oestrogen levels drop so you may not notice hair shedding until you stop breastfeeding.

How can I help my hair return to normal after pregnancy?

Between 6-12 months your hair growth cycle will return to normal. It is important to ensure you are eating a balanced, varied diet containing the nutrients your hair needs to support it. Regular conditioning treatments will help keep your hair hydrated.

If you would like any more advice please contact one of our hair and scalp specialists.

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