Florisene for women


Support healthy hair growth with Florisene.


Florisne for women 90 tablets.

Florisene is a clinically supported supplementation programme to help women suffering with Telogen Effluvium (Hair shedding).

Research involving hundreds of women has shown that the major cause of Telogen Effluvium is low serum ferritin. This reflects the amount of ‘stored’ iron in the body. For some women, low ferritin levels results in gradual hair loss, the end result to the sufferer being a ‘thinner’ ponytail or less hair to clip back.

Low serum ferritin in women is now common due to reduced red meat consumption and menstrual blood loss in women of reproductive age. The good news is that research has shown that if the serum ferritin is raised above a certain point then normal hair growth re-establishes.

Florisene is a clinically-relevant iron supplementation programme, consisting of a highly absorbable form of iron and a significant level of the essential amino acid L-Lysine, plus 2 other known iron-synergists. Research indicates that low L-Lysine intakes may exacerbate a reduced ferritin level and clinical studies show that for some women ferritin levels will not improve without supplementary L-Lysine.

Good for:

Women experiencing hair loss or noticing their hair is thinner.

How to:

Take 1 tablet daily with water half to one hour before food or on an empty stomach.


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